We Act Radio

Ward 8, Washington, D.C.
Dates Of Project: 
6/2012 - 8/2012

For the second year in a row, Critical Exposure partnered with the DCCAH to work with youth participating in the Summer Youth Employment Program. These youth were based at We Act Radio, an independent radio station on MLK Ave in Anacostia. Our students spent their summer exploring the changes happening in Anacostia; students interviewed and photographed business and home owners from the neighborhood, participated in photo walks to the Fredrick Douglass House and created plans for what they hope Anacostia will look like in the future. Additionally, students were given a tour of the St. Elizabeth's Hospital East Campus and had the opportunity to meet with one of the managers for the redesign project there in order to discuss what could be done to make St. Elizabeth's more appealing and useful for the community. At the conclusion of the summer, our students’ photos were shown at the DCCAH summer showcase and two of our students spoke about their experience in the program to an audience of 50+ guests.