Cesar Chavez Middle School

Cesar Chavez Parkside Middle School
Dates Of Project: 
10/2010 - 1/2011


Students at Cesar Chavez Parkside Middle School, a group of 25 6th, 7th and 8th graders, have identified two policies at their school that would like to see changed and improved.  The first is the school's late policy.  If students arrive after 7:55 a.m. they are required to sit in the school's gymnasium and miss the entirety of their first period class.  While students understand the need for the policy they find the costs of missing such crucial instruction are great.  Many students have failing grades and teachers are suffering from the absence of their students. 

Students have also made a compelling argument for the improvement of the school lunches.  The Critical Exposure student photographers have been documenting the food they are served and have concerns with the appearance, taste and preparation of the food.  Much of the food goes to waste as students say they throw their lunches away and replace them with junk food from vending machines. 

This week, students have arranged meetings with their principal and a group of 3 representatives from their food provider, Revolution Foods.  Students will present their photographs, concerns, and suggestions for change.  Towards the end of February, students will present their work from both of these issues and other assignments, such as "Who Am I?," at a school-wide exhibit.