New Orleans

New Orleans
School conditions post-Hurricane Katrina
Dates Of Project: 
Fyre Youth Squad, Vietnamese American Young Leaders of New Orleans, Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools

Since February 2008, Critical Exposure has been working with middle and high school youth in New Orleans to document conditions in their schools following Hurricane Katrina. Youth from organizations across the city, including Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools, the Fyre Youth Squad, and Vietnamese American Young Leaders of New Orleans, are working together to ensure there is a strong youth voice in the school rebuilding process. As part of the project, students came up with a “Student Bill of Rights,” which lays out some some key areas youth think are important for a high-quality education.

Student Bill of Rights
We, the Students of New Orleans, believe that every student has the right to:

  1. An equitable and excellent education that prepares ALL students for college, work, and life.
  2. A safe, peaceful, and secure learning environment.
  3. Interesting, cool, innovative, and responsible teachers who provide students with individual attention and are prepared to teach to different learning styles.
  4. Clean, well-maintained facilities that are conducive to learning.
  5. Access to appropriate learning tools including computers, textbooks, and libraries.

The students’ photographs have been displayed at venues throughout the city, including the City Hall Rotunda. Thousands more community members were exposed to the project when the exhibit was featured in an article in the Times- Picayune. Students hope to show their photographs to state policymakers in Baton Rouge and federal policymakers in Washington, DC.