Teacher Testimonials

“I’ve had the pleasure and the honor of working with Critical Exposure this year. This is the first year Ballou Senior High School has had a photography class and it wouldn't have been as successful without Critical Exposure. On my wall I have ‘What is the Purpose of Photography?’—it’s been up since day one—and the kids, I make them answer that question at the beginning [of the semester]. And now, I can see them say it’s to give them a chance to express themselves and to know that their voice is being heard in a different way. Devonte, a [Ballou] student whose work is on the wall [of the Edison Place Gallery in Washington, DC] and on the website, just to see him excited gets me excited. The students can now see that their work has importance and power-- that photography gives power to them. ”
Kelley Givens, Photography Teacher, Ballou Senior High School