Public Official Testimonials

“Getting to know Critical Exposure students and their work provided me with key insights into how school discipline policies affect D.C. youth. Conversations with these extraordinary young people, advocacy groups, school officials and police officers resulted in my commitment to addressing the problem known as the ‘school to prison pipeline’. As part of that effort, I added a provision to the D.C. FY2015 budget requiring that D.C. Public Schools implement a pilot restorative justice program next year. This achieved one goal of the students’ campaign, and I was glad to work with them to begin dismantling the school to prison pipeline. ”
David Grosso, DC Councilmember
“After seeing the photographs and hearing the personal stories of Critical Exposure students at The Washington Metropolitan High School, I was impressed by their articulate and thoughtful presentation. I wanted to give a strong response to their request to create a functioning library, so we found a way to allocate additional money for books and library furniture. Through their work on this campaign, our students have learned valuable skills in photography, project planning, and public speaking. Equally important, they have begun to learn what it takes to persuasively advocate for themselves and for their peers, preparing them to be effective leaders in their schools and communities. ”
Chad Ferguson, DCPS Superintendent of Cluster XI Schools
“The entire DOES Youth Programs team and I were absolutely blown away by the photo exhibit created by the youth... Through these photos, the youth were able to bring their experiences to life.  We were actually so impressed by them that we would very much like to display them throughout our office for other youth and partners to see. ”
Gerren Price, Associate Director of the DOES Office of Youth Programs
“Critical Exposure helped humanize the Education Reform Funding Campaign by putting names, faces and stories behind it. I commend the creative contributions of these young leaders in the school funding victory, and we look forward to partnering with them this upcoming school year. ”
Dr. Lori Shorr, Chief Education Officer, City of Philadelphia
“As a legislator from Baltimore, I believe the compelling photographs and testimony from students working with Critical Exposure were an important factor in convincing my colleagues to support increased funding for public schools. In fact we were able to triple the amount of money we received this year in Annapolis thanks in great part to their efforts. ”
Nathaniel McFadden, Maryland State Senator