Partner Testimonials

“ I was really super-proud of our kids, and how they prepared for the meeting with Dean Gomez. They showed a lot of maturity, a lot of passion, and it just motivates me to keep working with them... Now I know I can push them to do more because they can do more, and they showed it -- they exhibited that yesterday.   ”
Barlow Flores, Program Director, Latin American Youth Center - Upward Bound
“At the gallery show, the kids were beside themselves with pride and confidence and all the things we like to see. ”
Andria Hollis, Kid Power DC
“We’ve always known that the arts add greatly to the impact of any community conversation or action project but we did not have the expertise to see such a project through. Partnering with Critical Exposure allowed us to further develop the creative skills of the students and utilize those skills to provide greater context to the issues. The project benefited the students in being able to see how they can use that skill throughout their lives to document the joy and pain they experience in their schools and communities. ”
Tim Eubanks, Community Organizer, Austin Voices for Education & Youth
“Critical Exposure does incredible work supporting youth who want to learn documentary photography as a way to organize and make their voices heard in DC. We worked with them on our last report—all these amazing photographs were made possible because of the work Critical Exposure did. They worked so well with our youth members, truly ‘get’ social justice/organizing work, and just do a tremendous job from start to finish. ”
Danielle Kurzweil, Youth Action Research Group, DC
“Too many Pennsylvanians remain unaware that the Commonwealth has one of the most inequitable and ineffective systems of funding public education. They want to blame students, parents or teachers for the failures in our schools, but let state policymakers off the hook for ensuring there are adequate resources in the first place. Like the exposé on Walter Reed Army Medical Center, these pictures, we hope, will expose the unacceptable conditions of our schools and prompt public outrage and swift action. ”
Janis Risch, Director, Good Schools Pennsylvania
“Critical Exposure has brought the reality of students' daily lives in dilapidated schools to the attention of policymakers ... The ACLU's efforts to dramatically increase funding for school renovations gets a strong boost from Critical Exposure and the students' vivid depiction of their schools. ”
Bebe Verdery, Director, Maryland ACLU Education Reform Project