Cathedral Scholars Summer 2013

Washington, D.C.
Dates Of Project: 
June-August 2013
Washington National Cathedral

Are we living a post-racial society? Does everyone have the same chance of success? Is individual determination all that’s needed to succeed? 

These questions emerged as Critical Exposure partnered with Cathedral Scholars, a summer program run by Washington National Cathedral that selects 15 honor-roll students from D.C. high schools and offers them a rigorous college preparatory program.

 During our 6-week partnership, students worked to dispel the myth that we live in a post-racial society by documenting the effects of racism in the lives of D.C. residents today. They focused on the media’s depiction of each of D.C.’s quadrants, and how those portrayals created and perpetuated racial stereotypes. They also examined the persistent structural inequalities that youth of color face today, and learned about successful campaigns to change discriminatory laws, policies, and institutional practices. 

Anaise A., a Critical Exposure Fellow and senior at Banneker H.S., co-facilitated this program as part of our first Summer Youth Facilitator Institute.