Fellowship Fall 2014

Thurgood Marshall Center

The Fellowship program is comprised of young people from all over the city who have demonstrated leadership skills in a prior Critical Exposure program. This year, the Fellowship is made up of one returning fellow, and three youth leaders who completed the Youth Internship this past spring. They have been learning advanced photography and storytelling skills, and setting their campaign goals for this upcoming year. In September, fellows worked with the current Youth Internship class to identify problems facing D.C. youth. As a group, youth leaders decided to continue focusing on the program of school pushout. In October, fellows collaborated with the Advocates for Justice and Education to hold an event for Dignity in Schools Campaign National Week of Action Against School Pushout. In November, fellows learned the skill of crafting research questions to dig deeper on the impact of school pushout and police in schools on D.C. youth. In January, newly graduated Youth Interns will join the Fellowship to continue this work.